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About us

Our pledge of integrity


  • No sales gimmicks

  • No pressure sales tactics, decide when you're ready

  • Our best price is given the first time in your estimate

  • We do one job at a time giving your home 100% of our attention

  • We are full-time waterproofers!


  • Beware of other trades that do it all or contractors that happen to be slow or out of work due to seasonal changes. These contractors will often try to sell you a service that is limited to their capabilities. Often times they will persuade you to try a sub-standard system at a fraction of the cost compared to a proven waterproofing system offered by us or other reputable waterproofing contractors.



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Where it all began


In high school, drafting was one of my favorite classes. During my high school years, I was given an employment opportunity to work part-time for CE Lummus. This business was a combustion and engineering company, located in Bloomfield, New Jersey. 


In 1982 I graduated high school and from then on I began my career in construction. 

From that summer on, I started working with many different trades that made up the building industry: electricians, plumbers, masons, carpenters, etc...


As time passed by, I came to the realization that construction was my passion and future. I believed that being a builder enabled me to oversee entire projects from the ground up, all the while encompassing all of the trades that I was familiar with. My background in drafting gave me the ability to understand and interpret all kinds of diagrams, blueprints, and sketches.


In the 80's I served a full four year apprenticeship, in which I had successfully completed to become a Certified Journeyman Carpenter in the state of New Jersey. In those four years I learned every phase of building including: concrete foundations, intricate rood systems, finished carpentry, insulation, etc... As I worked for many different contractors over the years, the biggest concern in building homes or structures was the type of foundation best suited for the area in which the home or structure is to be built. Depending on the sub-surface material we may encounter, will have a drastic affect in the structural integrity of the foundation.


Hydostatic pressure, water tables, underground streams, capillaries, clay, sand, rock, and the topography, including exterior drainage, play a huge role in the future of your foundation. These factors can also affect your basement and crawlspace in regards to seepage, moisture issues and structual damage. 


I have personally observed many correct and in-correct foundations built due to budget, lack of knowledge, or the workmanship of unethical contractors. I have also observed properly built foundations that give away to seepage and structural issues due to the change in water tables from over-developing, tree removal, road work, and exterior drain systems buit with no regard for neighboring properties.


The passion that I have still exists in designing personal drain systems to suit your home's needs. We will continue to design and build the finest finished basements and crawl spaces in the industry.



Owner and President of West Essex Waterproofing and French Drains

-Mike Murphy

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